All You Need To Know About Ceramic

All You Need To Know About Ceramic

From ancient times to the present, ceramic has been used widely in pottery. When we say pottery, ceramic pop ups at a moment in our mind. But when we say ceramic, different questions come up in your mind and we understand that. 

Are you planning to include ceramic in your daily life? Let us guide you about the facts you should know before using ceramic. 

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  1. Recyclable
    When ceramic brakes, it turns into the ceramic shred which is frequently used in the construction project as a reinforcing filler. Broken ceramic dishes can be included in the sheeting for facades. Spanish architect and ceramicist Antoni Guad employed recycled ceramics in some of his artwork. And moreover, ceramics are always welcomed at the thrift stores. 
  1. Usable in the oven, but…
    Ceramics can withstand heat in an oven or microwave because they are made from clay that has been heat-treated at temperatures above 1000°C. Thermal shocks are its only opponent, and they can arise if you place a ceramic object over an open flame or, for example, abruptly cool or heat it. You are aware that it is improper to drop plates into a raging torrent of your turbulent emotions and sentiments; instead, you must set up pottery for the waves of human warmth. Furthermore, ceramic items created using the metal reduction technique are ineligible for use in the oven.
  2. Fixable
    The sherd is suitably porous and has strong adhesion for bonding, making ceramic restoration possible. Even the Japanese adopted this method and converted it into a philosophy known as Kintsugi. Similar to the maki-e process, they employ lacquer dusted or combined with powdered gold, silver, or platinum for the art of restoring ceramic objects. Broken plates are reglued together, although imperfections are still visible. A dish's fault is not the end of life, but rather a significant historical event. Cracks and imperfections are glorified rather than hidden. The actual beauty of meals is impossible without cracks, just as human accomplishment is impossible without conflicts and setbacks.   


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    1. Dishwasher friendly, but…
      Although it is feasible, not all ceramics are a good fit for this alternative. For instance, it's not a good idea to wash custom ceramics in the dishwasher. Many elements, such as corrosive soaps, soft water, too much detergent, extremely hot water, etc., are out of our control.


    1. Non-conduct nature
      Ceramics is a member of the class of materials known as dielectrics, which are incapable of conducting electricity. Insulating materials like dielectrics are employed. Due to their low electrical conductivity, ceramics are extensively used in many different fields.


    1. Harder than metals - Yes and No
      It is difficult to say whether metal or ceramics is harder because it depends on the type of metal. Ceramics will be more resistant to chemicals than all metals if we talk about chemical resistance. Ceramics are more brittle to break when compared to metallurgy due to their different molecular bonding.


    1. Origin

    One of the first man-made materials is ceramics. The oldest ceramic artifact is the Venus of Dolni Vestonice, which dates to 28,000 BCE from the late Paleolithic epoch and is currently on display in the Brno Museum in the Czech Republic. Several thousand years later, in Eastern Asia, the earliest pottery artifacts were discovered. Pot fragments from 18,000–17,000 BCE have been discovered in China's Xianrendong cave. Clay was first used in Ukraine 7.5 thousand years ago. 

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