At Earthan we create craft for the little artist in you, masterpieces which are an expression of love and tradition

India has been known for its arts and handicrafts across the globe, for centuries. The extensive variety of our craft form and artisanal skills are inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India.

We at Earthan celebrate the most widespread art of handicraft uniquely. It is a home-grown, handmade, lifestyle, and home decor brand that focuses on Indian handicrafts. We collaborate with the local artisans of Jaipur for creating beautiful handcrafted pieces. In our work, one can see a symphony of tradition and modern design come together harmoniously. Our designs are inspired by nature, contemporary in style, promoting traditional art and craft of India. The vibrancy of our colors creates soulful memories. One can use our pieces for home décor and gifting.

Earthan started its magnificent journey in the year 2021 by Deeksha.S.Gupta. She relocated to Jaipur after working internationally as she was looking to unleash her artistic passions, spend her creative time with world art enthusiasts, and create meaningful artifacts. Deeksha’s vision behind Earthan was not merely her immense love for the craft but also to revive the dying art of stoneware pottery and bring a contemporary look to the old traditional art of block printing, and uplift its artisans.

Our intricate designs take more than 2-3 months of brainstorming, inspired by the traditional indigenous Jaipuri school of fabrics and artisanal skills, which we believe would be worthy of your time, money, and space.

One can find a unique collection of ceramic pottery pieces and hand block print bed and table linens. An eye-catching collection of handmade ceramic dinnerware sets, vibrantly styled handmade ceramic mugs and cups as well as unique hand-glazed platters to add that hint of vibrant sophistication to your homes.

While doing all this wonderful work we consciously practice the zero-waste policy at Earthen. Our business model practices the 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) model with zero-waste production, which facilitates it to be less wasteful.

At Earthan, we believe that creativity is the source of humanity and that it facilitates an atmosphere of positive energy. If you wish to connect with us or like to say hello, do feel free to send a note to our online channels mentioned below.

Email: hello@earthan.in

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