How to choose the right type of cushion covers

Handblocked Printed 100% Cotton Lenin Cushion Covers

Choosing the perfect cushion covers may appear to be a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can be a pleasant and rewarding experience. Whether you want to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere or make a dramatic statement with vibrant colors and patterns, the aim is to strike the right balance that suits your personal style and complements the existing elements in your room.

Cushion coverings play an important function in improving the attractiveness of your living area. They not only give comfort but also function as beautiful accents that can instantly uplift the look of your room. By picking the correct cushion coverings, you can breathe new life into your couches, chairs, and beds, resulting in a visually appealing and harmonious atmosphere.

When it comes to Types of Cushion Covers Available on the Market, the possibilities are boundless. From different fabric types to various sizes and shapes, there is something for everyone. Let's have a look with Earthan, at some of the most popular varieties of cushion covers on the market.

  • Cotton cushion covers are popular due to their comfort, durability, and airy feel, making them suitable for all seasons. They come in various colors and styles, making it easy to choose the perfect complement for your home décor.
  • Linen covers are elegant and sophisticated, with a natural, tactile appearance. They are durable and prone to wrinkles, so frequent ironing may be necessary.
  • Silk cushion covers add a luxurious touch, but require delicate handling and may not be suitable for high-traffic areas or homes with pets or young children.
  • Velvet cushion covers offer a luxurious, smooth feel, providing comfort and warmth. Available in various colors, they can contrast with other materials, but are prone to dust accumulation and require frequent cleaning.


Choosing the right cushion covers involves careful consideration of a number of factors to ensure that they complement your home décor appropriately. The color scheme of your cushion covers should coordinate with the other colors in your room. Consider the main colors in your furniture, walls, and accessories and choose cushion covers that complement or contrast with them. To get a cohesive style, choose hues from the same color family or a contrasting hue to create a bold statement.

Choose cushion covers that fit your cushions perfectly, either oversized for a relaxed look or smaller for a neater one. Consider the shape of your cushions and choose covers that match them or opt for square ones. Texture adds depth and dimension, so consider the texture of your furniture and textiles when selecting covers. For example, use coarser textures like jute or tweed for a contrast.

When selecting cushion covers, consider the color wheel and choose colors that complement or contrast with your room's colors for a bold contrast or harmonious look. Mix patterns to create a visually appealing and dynamic look by starting with a dominant pattern and layering it with smaller patterns in complementary colors. Mix different textures to create an interesting and tactile experience by pairing smooth and silky covers with rougher ones like jute or tweed. When choosing covers, consider the size and shape of the cushions, opting for larger covers for oversized cushions and smaller covers for smaller ones. Additionally, distribute the cushions evenly to create a cohesive and symmetrical look.

To summarize, picking the proper cushion covers is critical for establishing a unified and visually pleasing home design. Consider fabric type, color scheme, patterns, and textures while looking for the ideal complement to your surroundings. Whether you choose a traditional and classic design or want to make a dramatic statement with brilliant colors and patterns, there are several solutions to fit your needs. Remember to take good care of your cushion covers so they stay fresh, clean, and long-lasting. Check out the possibilities provided by Earthan and give your pillows the fashionable makeover they deserve! Happy decorating!

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