At Earthan we create craft for the little artist in you, masterpieces which are an expression of love and tradition

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Earthan is a brand that specialises in simple luxury through handcrafted homeware products.

Earthan is a distinguished brand specializing in the creation of luxurious handcrafted homeware products. The quintessence of our brand lies in infusing vitality into ordinary items by incorporating design elements that flawlessly integrate practicality. Drawing inspiration from nature, changing seasons, vibrant colours, shifting moods, diverse cultures and life at large, we strive to amplify your life experiences through craftsmanship.

Our products are meticulously crafted to bridge desire with necessity while meeting international food safety standards. Our range includes tableware and serveware along with an array of gifting options – each item instilled with cultural significance and long-standing wisdom adapted for contemporary tastes.

Shop the best handcrafted items specifically designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home, available for purchase online.

As Earthan advances its pursuit of beauty amidst everyday life mirroring its core promise, we pride ourselves on being the first Indian brand providing unique elements rooted in tradition aiming at strengthening the bond between us - the manufacturers - and you - our valued customers.

Earthan is a distinguished Indian brand specializing in home décor that magnifies the joy and pride of homemaking. Our designs evoke originality and sophistication, steeped in a vibrant palette that is both contemporary and authentically rooted in nature. Every piece from Earthan draws inspiration from the diverse art forms, distinct handicrafts, as well as multicultural narratives. We seamlessly merge conventional techniques such as hand-block printing with innovative design concepts to produce pieces that lie at the cusp of tradition and modernity—often presenting these elements together through imaginative twists. The collections we provide endeavour to extend beyond typical design norms by offering an extensive selection of home accents, décor items, accessories intended for your living room, bedroom, dining space, kitchen or outdoor settings.

Moreover, our products bring elegance to festive occasions and make remarkable wedding gifts. Each article sourced from Earthan aims not only be an aesthetic addition but also initiate engaging conversations hence creating memorable experiences. We encourage you to explore our online store where you will find enticing bed sheets, cushions, table covers & mats along with various ceramics & tableware items among other distinctive offerings for your home decor.

The home serves as an emotional cornerstone, providing serenity, a backdrop for life's experiences and a source of courage. It doesn't merely exist to provide shelter, but also functions as an oasis brimming with comfort, love, hope and dreams. Consequently, there is immense joy derived from cultivating an appealing and orderly environment that not only offers comfort but also mirrors our personal aesthetics and preferences.




Earthan presents an exquisite range of homeware available online, aimed at enhancing your creative flair.

At Earthan, you can purchase handcrafted home products online at your own convenience. Explore a wide range of kitchenware, tableware, serveware, décor, enticing bed sheets, cushions, table covers & mats to suit your contemporary, traditional or minimalist look.

Presenting the Earthan Handcrafted Homeware Collection - your unparalleled destination for premium kitchen, tableware, and serveware products designed to enhance the personality of your home. With our collection of handmade ceramics for table and service wares, alongside hand-printed linens, we offer you an aesthetic blend of traditional charm and modern elegance.

Take delight in browsing through a diverse range of bowls, plates, trays, drinkware and linens at our physical stores. Explore these crafted pieces that are not only striking but functional as well. Our online platform provides a convenient option making quality artistic pieces readily accessible wherever you may be.

Earthan enhances your homeware shopping experience with a unique fusion style that seamlessly integrates into any home decor theme. Envision transforming your living space? Browse effortlessly through Earthan's array of options tailored towards creating an elevated work-from-home atmosphere or simply adding artful accents to your dwelling space.

With Earthan's commitment to manufacturing exquisite handcrafted items for enhancing domestic spaces with personalised style statements, forget about searching "homeware shop nearest me". Embrace the convenience provided by our extensive online offering catering specifically to discerning buyers seeking harmonized balance between functionality and grandeur in their choice of homewares.

Earthan is a distinguished lifestyle brand that specializes in handcrafted products, uniquely blending cultural essence with contemporary sophistication. Our principal commitment is to infuse your daily life with beauty and elegance. We extend an exclusive online shopping platform replete with our effortlessly exquisite homeware items. We offer diverse payment options for optimal convenience, including credit/debit card payments, net banking, digital wallets as well as cash on delivery services.

With Earthan's user-friendly interface, acquiring your favourite piece of handcrafted homeware becomes delightfully uncomplicated. Our product categorization facilitates effortless browsing; from kitchenware to serveware and specific item-wise sections dedicated to all possible home essentials. Another noteworthy advantage of online homeware selection lies in the unlimited possibility of choice not confined by physical space limitations.

Levelling up the ease factor makes us one step ahead - you can access detailed information about each product’s features, benefits and functionalities at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, we afford you provision to compare a wide range of choices before deciding upon one or more standouts which may be duly added to your wish list before purchasing whenever suits best. Market preference clearly leans towards our wonderfully varied selection when it comes down to procuring quality homewares online - Earthan aims always at perfection worth revisiting.

We guarantee something for every unique requirement whether distinguished room wise - each living space brings particular prerequisites driven by occupancy constraints, functionalities, budgetary considerations – or highlighted design aspirations; minimalist handmade patterns, true announcing vibrantly intricate works among many others. Join hands us as we traverse beautifully crafted bliss! From block prints right through ceramics- Rest assured; at Earthan we possess every conceivable trendsetting ensemble just waiting explored deep levels finesse quotient.


Purchase homeware products online based on categories:

Check out our Ceramic home accessories

Our beautifully handcrafted Ceramic home accessories category has everything that you need in your kitchen. Be it a good quality Rustic Butter Dish with Lid, The Earthan Ceramic Cake Stand to Ceramic Spoon Rest, we have it all.

Check out our tableware online

The aesthetic appeal of our dinnerware, drinkware, and serveware significantly enhances the presentation and overall ambiance of your dining table. Adhering to international safety standards, our products are guaranteed food-safe and versatile enough for both informal gatherings and formal occasions. Our sustainable tableware combines an earthy subtlety with a modern influence, effortlessly matching the pace of contemporary aesthetics.

Check out the serveware online

Our collection in the serveware section is meticulously curated to elevate your joyous occasions. Be it for joyous celebrations such as birthdays or any festive occasions, we provide an exquisite selection of desserts and appetisers tailored to perfection. We also present a comprehensive range of sophisticated tea & coffee sets that includes everything from cups to strainers and pots among others, meticulously designed not just for solitary indulgence but also family gatherings.

Check out the décor online

Our home decor collection comprises an array of exquisite products designed for each unique space in your home. Our living room selection features contemporary art pieces perfect to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your shared spaces. For your dining area, we present an elegant range of delectable decor items, like our food-safe decorative bowls and platters; these are ideal not only for parties but also for everyday use. Additionally, in order to create a soothing, romantic ambiance, we offer a diverse set of accessories from T-light holders to scented wax-filled jars among other attractive offerings.

Check out gifting online

With Earthan, present your cherished ones with environmentally-conscious gifts that merge modern aesthetics with cultural heritage. Our handcrafted selections are designed to give lifelong joy, whether for birthdays, housewarmings or anniversaries. We provide distinct presents for both genders and have an array of festive options suitable for celebrations including Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Rest assured that our offerings won't merely be re-gifted; each item is crafted in a way that not only pleases the recipient but also reflects your thoughtfulness.


Different collection of Earthan

Rang Collection

Home Linen collection- Range consistent of handblocked print bedsheet, Cushion cover for home living and table runner and Table mats are handcrafted in nature

Exclusive hand block printed 100% premium cotton is used and printed with azo-free dyes, handcrafted in India.

Atrangi Collection

One gets to experience the slow pace of life while still being in the modern era. A culture of colourful lehariya turbans, mesmerizing tunes of the sarangi and people with pink hearts. This particular collection of hand blocked cushions tries to capture the day-to-day life in Jaipur where everyday moments put a smile on your faces and makes you appreciate life for its simple joys.

Lehriya Collection

Ceramic Lehriya collection in inspired by Rajasthani lehriya. Shop for multi colour ceramic platters, dip bowls, plates or serving blows. Mix & match to make a set


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India has been known for its arts and handicrafts across the globe, for centuries. The extensive variety of our craft form and artisanal skills are inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India.

We at Earthan celebrate the most widespread art of handicraft uniquely. It is a home-grown, handmade, lifestyle, and home decor brand that focuses on Indian handicrafts. We collaborate with the local artisans of Jaipur for creating beautiful handcrafted pieces. In our work, one can see a symphony of tradition and modern design come together harmoniously. Our designs are inspired by nature, contemporary in style, promoting traditional art and craft of India. The vibrancy of our colors creates soulful memories. One can use our pieces for home décor and gifting.

Earthan started its magnificent journey in the year 2021 by Deeksha.S.Gupta. She relocated to Jaipur after working internationally as she was looking to unleash her artistic passions, spend her creative time with world art enthusiasts, and create meaningful artifacts. Deeksha’s vision behind Earthan was not merely her immense love for the craft but also to revive the dying art of stoneware pottery and bring a contemporary look to the old traditional art of block printing, and uplift its artisans.

Our intricate designs take more than 2-3 months of brainstorming, inspired by the traditional indigenous Jaipuri school of fabrics and artisanal skills, which we believe would be worthy of your time, money, and space.

One can find a unique collection of ceramic pottery pieces and hand block print bed and table linens. An eye-catching collection of handmade ceramic dinnerware sets, vibrantly styled handmade ceramic mugs and cups as well as unique hand-glazed platters to add that hint of vibrant sophistication to your homes.

While doing all this wonderful work we consciously practice the zero-waste policy at Earthen. Our business model practices the 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) model with zero-waste production, which facilitates it to be less wasteful.

At Earthan, we believe that creativity is the source of humanity and that it facilitates an atmosphere of positive energy. If you wish to connect with us or like to say hello, do feel free to send a note to our online channels mentioned below.

Email: hello@earthan.in

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for new updates and announcements.