Unique Crafts of Pink City Jaipur

Jaipur Jal Mahal

Jaipur, the pink city is also called the city of arts, craft, culture, and warmth. Handicraft has been an integral part of Jaipur’s culture and tradition. These handicrafts have always gained appreciation from kings and emperors to peregrine tourists. A large variety of handicrafts is practiced in the city of Jaipur. Major crafts of Jaipur include block printing, bandhani, sculptures, and stone carving. Zari work, tarkashi, zardozi work and gotapatti work are done on apparel. Jewelry and gems include the work of silver, kundan, and meenakari. In the items of art and craft, blue pottery, ivory carving, patwa craft, miniature paintings, leather wares, shellac work etc. are made. Some unique crafts that have gained more attention and popularity than others would be blue pottery.

Blue pottery has been the oldest craft practiced in the city of Jaipur.

The name 'blue pottery' comes from the eye-catching cobalt blue dye used to color the pottery. The practice of blue pottery came to Jaipur in the 17th century from Delhi. Today, blue pottery is an industry that provides livelihood to many people in Jaipur. Blue pottery comes out as a much sustainable option as it is much hygienic, suitable, and impervious for everyday use in homes. The materials used in the process are quartz, raw glaze, sulphate and multani mitti. Blue pottery doesn’t use clay and instead uses quarts, unlike ceramic pottery style. The biggest advantage is that blue pottery does not develop any cracks and the colors look vibrant and design intricate even after firing. One can find an entire range of table ware collection like- Ceramic Platters, Ceramic Mugs, Ceramic bowls, Ceramic Plates, and other decorative functional and tableware collection.


Next comes the craft of making jewels. The then Maharaja of Jaipur wanted Jaipur to become the center of precious jewels and the biggest trading center in the world. He invited jewelers and artisans from all over India who came to live in Jaipur and impart their knowledge to the local residents in the field of precious gems and jewelry. Jaipur’s iconic art lies in the making of Zardozi, silver jewelry, silver junk jewelry, semi-precious gems, Kundan, and Meenakari.

One can find an entire range of handcrafted silver jewelry like: Earring, Rings, Anklets, Bracelets.

The unique side of Jaipur’s handicraft is that it infuses its own colors in all the arts. Few such crafts are the making of textiles, hand block printing, Jaipur sanganeri prints, home décor, and ethnic wear with a touch of a traditional blend like odhanis, safas, saris, bed sheets with an astounding play of colors and embroidery handwork. The royal Pink City additionally offers some valuable carpets and rugs. The uniqueness lies in the hands of the weavers who make these carpets and rugs by hand. Hand-knotted and hand-woven carpets offer a traditional yet contemporary look to them. Being a major exporter of rugs and carpets to most countries in the globe, Jaipur has established the uniqueness of its carpets and rugs in the worldwide market.

One can find an entire range of home décor collection like- Hand block printed bed sheets, Hand block printed cushion covers, Table runners, Table Mats and Napkins, Home linen, Table linen and Bed linen.

Another such art that gets its specialty from the roots of Jaipur's culture and tradition is the craft of making Mojari’s. Mojari is uniquely carved footwear of Rajasthan that is made from goat, buffalo leather. These days mojari’s have been made with a mixture of resin leathers and rubber because of their availability and cost-effectiveness. This footwear is worn by both men and women. They come in unique bright colors, and quirky patterns with beautiful shapes to fit every size.

Jaipur is the hub of handicrafts because of its uniqueness in making every piece of art with intricacy, detail, and wonderful designs that fascinate people from all over the world. The beautiful and unique crafts of this beautiful city Jaipur make us proud of its magnificent culture, heritage, art forms, and ideas that have been incorporated into its day-to-day lifestyle.

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